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Jewelry Pins and Pin/Pendants
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The pin-pendant designs of
Native American artists are
simultaneously inspired,
inventive, superbly crafted
and excruciatingly beautiful.
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Hopi overlay scorpion pin
Pin #CD04
Hopi - $95

Silver disc pin-pendant with pictorial inlay
Pin/Pendant #J011
Zuni - $350

Zuni silver overlay bear pin-pendant
Pin/Pendant #J457
Hopi - $110

Zuni pin with cornrow inlay in shape of corn ear
Pin #J591
Zuni - $50

Navajo Mary Shay inlaid butterflypin
Pin #JQ29
Navajo - $330

Kwaguilth pin-penadant in silver with whale imagery
Pin/Pendant #JT53
Kwaguilth - $160

Serpent Navajo pin with inlay

Pin #JV79
Navajo - $75

Zuni pin-pendant featuring deer dancer
Pin/Pendant #L081
Zuni - $600

Navajo crab pin with inlay
Pin #M053
Navajo - $110

Navajo dragonfly pin-pendant with blue wings
Pin/Pendant #M082
Navajo - $260

Hopi overlay kokopelli pin
Pin #M249
Hopi - $140

Corn maiden pin-pendant by Zuni Martinez
Pin-Pendant #M317
Zuni - $500

Michael Kirk Isleta blue opal & gold butterfly pin
Pin #M449
Isleta - $990

Zuni dragonfly pin
Pin #M699
Zuni - $225

sterling silver bear Navajo pin
Pin #M708
Navajo - $135

Zuni Natachu disc pin pendant with sunface
Pin/Pendant #M757
Zuni - $285

Rolanda Haloo Zuni butterfly pin-pendant with opal inlay
Pin/Pendant #MB88
Zuni - $455

Zuni pin-pendant portraying a turtle by Comosana
Pin/Pendant #MT09
Zuni - $180


Dragonfly pin-pendant by Navajo Calvin Begay
Pin/Pendant #MU36
Navajo - $115

Bear pin-pendant in jasper & tiger eye inlay by Navajo Begay
Pin/Pendant #MU62
Navajo - $400

Navajo oval silver pin with gold  nub
Pin #MW31
Navajo - $270

abalone Navajo turtle pin
Pin #MW32
Navajo - $350

Black-beaded dragonfly pin-pendant by Cocopah Suzie Longhair
Pin/Pendant #MW41
Cocopah - $125

Navajo pin-pendant bear with Calvin Begay inlay
Pin/Pendant #MW96
Navajo - $260

Zuni petit point turquoise pin pendant
Pin/Pendant #W831
Zuni - $125

Hopi silver pin-pendant eagle dancer in oerlay
Pin/Pendant #X058
Hopi - $85

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