A Guide to the Native American
Jewelry free Layaway Plan

Have you spotted something you would like to buy?

Something for yourself or as a gift for a loved one?

But available cash is a problem.

Our Free Pay-as-You-Please Lay Away Plan may be the answer.

Here's how it works:

1. Use our secure order form to enter your name, address, email address and phone number.

2. Into the item number field, enter the inventory number of the item you are interested in buying
on interest-free extended payments.

3. Indicate in the Comments field that you want to Pay-as-you-Please with our Lay Away Plan.

4. We will call you at the phone number you provide - please tell us the best time to call - and we will work out arrangements for your payments.

5. Typically, we ask you to pay a minimum deposit equal to about 20% of the purchase. You tell us to charge your credit card account in what ever amount you choose at what ever intervals you choose. When the full amount is paid we will ship the purchased item(s) to the address you give us. Regular payments are required so that you won't forget about your open purchase agreement and will continue payments until the total is fully paid.

7. If you miss two consecutive payments, we will contact you to remind you of your purchase agreement. If we are unable to reach you, and you do not contact us, we will return your item to our open inventory, make it available to other buyers and retain your payments to date. If you contact us within a reasonable time thereafter, we may be able to credit your accrued balance to some other purchase. Refunds will not be available.

Thank you for considering Native-American-Jewelry.org.

For more information,
please email us at sanibelart-at-gmail.com

Or call us at 800-305-0185

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