Native American Indian Bracelet
Jewelry from Hopi, Zuni Pueblo,
Isleta Pueblo, Kewa Pueblo, Navajo
and other American Indian
jewelry makers.
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Navajo overlay

C016 - $225

Hopi silver overlay cuff bracelet
J032 - $400

Monte Nevis

J595 - $575

Navajo Pawn
L217 - $375

M268 - $265

Navajo cast silver cuff bracelet
M290 -$310

elegant sterling silver cuff bracelet by Navajo Naveek

M784 - $675

Hopi silver bangle bracelet

M972 - $215

Hopi silver bangle bracelet

M974 - $235

Tim Yazzie link bracelet
Tim Yazzie
M994 - $900

MG24 - $290

Tom Hawk
MG25 - $90

Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelet with pink coral cab
Chris Begay

MJ23 - $255

Isleta Michael Kirk gold feather cuff bracelet
Michael Kirk

MM01 - $2000

Navajo silver cuff bracelet in woven wire
MM67 - $285

Navajo link bracelet of green agate cabs

MM76 - $280

Navajo inlaid link bracelet
MM93 - $345

Navajo Artie Yellowhorse link bracelet
Artie Yellowhorse
MP46 - $290

Navajo Calvin Begay inlay bracelet
Calvin Begay
MQ19 - $365

Native American link bracelet in matte stiling silver by Saenz
MQ62 - $200

Native American inlay link watchband by Calvin Begay
Calvin Begay
MR48 -$350

Artie Yellowhorse Navajo link bracelet
Artie Yellowhorse

MS23 - $235

Navajo inlay link bracelet by Calvin Begay
Calvin Begay
MS53 - $385

Navajo silver wire cuff bracelet
MS97 - $185


Navajo link inlay bracelet by Calvin Begay
Calvin Begay
MU31 - $450

Calvin Begay
MU41 - $350

Turquoise rectangular link inlay Calvin Begay bracelet
Calvin Begay
MU44 - $275

Calvin Begay mosaic-style inlay on a Navajo link bracelet
Calvin Begay
MU88 - $710

Calvin Begay curved link bracelet with lapis inlay
Calvin Begay
MU 91 - $295

Navajo microinlay link bracelet

MW19 - $775

Navajo Calvin Begay link bracelet in greenish turquoise
Calvin Begay
MW53 -$345

Calvin Begay
MY10 - $445


Mosaic style Navajo inlay link bracelet by Calvin Begay

Calvin Begay
MY12 - $750

Navajo bracelet with inlaid links
Calvin Begay
MY13 - $890

Leroy Begay
MZ35 - $900

Santo Domingo Kewa shell bracelet
Jolene Bird
MZ38 - $275


At this time of year, with
bracelets being sold daily,
the surest way to order
is by phoning us
9 am and 7 pm EST)

TOLL-FREE at 1-800-305-0185.

It costs you nothing.
We can assure you on
the phone that the bracelet
you want is still available.
We process your order
directly from the information
you provide. We ship the next
business day, assuring 3 to
5 day delivery.

If we don't answer personally
when you call, because we
are serving someone else,
leave a message. We will return
your call promptly.

What's not to like?.

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