Native American Jewelry



Native American
Jewelry Pendants
By Hopi, Kewa and Zuni
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The pendant designs
of Zuni, Kewa and Hopi
artisans reflect deep
cultural traditions of
beauty and quality.

They were made to
adorn wearers with
beautiful spirits

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Amy Wesley (Quandelacy)
G025 - $185

Zuni Colin Coonsis
MX89 - $300

Zuni Colin Coonsis turquoise 'fractured love' pendant
Zuni Colin Coonsis Reversible
MX88 - $300

Zuni Colin Coonsis
MW46 - $240

Kewa Charlene Reano
MX12 - $365


Hopi (hallmarked)
MV13 - $340

Hopi Qumawuny
MV15 - $180

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Native American pendants
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