Native American Indian jewelry


Calvin Begay Navajo drop earrings
Earrings, posts. drops,
cobblestone inlay of
turquoise, lapis, sugilite
and shell

1 1/8" long, 3/8" widest

Calvin Begay

MW15 - US$95

Cobblestone in
Native American
jewelry differs from
corn row in that
cornrow is made
to resemble kernals
on an ear of corn.
Cobblestone inlay
is similarly cut but
the gemstones are
inlaid in a more random
fashion, resembling
the appearance of old
cobblestone street paving.
Calvin Begay is a superb
practitioner of Navajo
cobblestone inlay.

This distictive pair of earrings
can be shipped USPS to any
US address for just $8.50
plus insurance, if desired.
It will arrive in 2 to 3 days.

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