Native American jewelry
Zuni Pueblo

Fetish necklace by Evalena Boone
Evalena boone fetish necklace
Evalena Boone necklace

Native American
Fetish Necklace

10 shell and green
turquoise birds
on a single strand
of shell beads,
suspending a
larger shell bird
with inlay

28" long

Evalena Boone

MS95 - $825

Evalena is the daughter
of Zuni carver Lena Boone.
She is a very accomplished
carver in her own right and
has a BA from the University
of New Mexico. She shares the
fruit of this education with her
Native American colleagues
to help them better manage
their commercial endeavours.

This exquisite Native American
necklace of Zuni fetish bird
carvings can be shipped by
USPS Priority for $10 plus
insurance, if desired, to arrive
in 3 to 5 days.

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