Zuni - H. R. Coonsis
(Signed on the reverse of
each concho along with
identification of the bird.)

Zuni Harlan Coonsis inlaid concho belt
Medium close up of Harlan Coonsis concho belt

Harlan Coonsis concho belt close up
Harlan Coonsis
is the son of
Juan Coonsis and
Lorraine Nastacio,
from whom he is
said to have learned
silversmithing and
jewelry production.
His first wife was
Rolanda. They
collaborated on the
work. He did the
silver work. Rolanda
worked with the stones.
Pieces that Harlan
did on his own or
with Rolanda was
signed H R COONSIS
He has collaborated
with his new wife,
Pieces they did
during this period
were signed

#MBLT - 36" long -
each concho is 1.5" x 1"
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