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1. 30+ years
experience in Native American art and jewelry | we know value

2. Hassle-free money-back return privilege, even gift purchases.

3. We buy directly from artists. We know them personally

4. We Only offer what we would be happy to keep

5. As an Online business we price low | There is no gallery overhead

6. Customers praise our service


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Native American Jewelry Cases

Case 25A Bolos

All Native American Jewelry Bracelets

All Cross Pendants display page

Native American Jewelry Earrings

Case 23 Earrings
Case 23A Earrings
Case 23B Earrings
Case 23C Earrings
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Case 23E Earrings
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Case 24 Earrings
Case 24A Earrings
Case 24B Navajo Earrings - Calvin Begay
Case 24C Earrings
Case 24D Earrings
Case 24E Earrings
Case 24FNavajo Earrings -Calvin Begay
Case 24G Navajo Earrings - Calvin Begay
Case 24H Earrings
Case 24J Earrings
Case 24K Earrings
Case 24L Earrings

Case 24M Earrings

Native American Jewelry Necklaces

Case 2 Necklaces
Case 2A Necklaces
Case 5 Calvin BegayNavajo Necklaces
Case 6 Necklaces
Case 6A Necklaces
Case 6B Santo Domingo Necklaces
Case 6C Navajo Necklaces
Case 8 Necklaces
Case 8A Necklaces
Case 9 Necklaces
Case 9A Fetish Necklaces
Case 10 Necklaces
Case 19 Necklaces
Case 19A Necklaces
Case 25 Necklaces
Case 30 Necklaces
Case 30A Necklaces
Necklace Sets - Case 15
Calvin Begay Necklace Sets - Case 15

Native American Jewelry Pendants

Valentine Day Heart Pendant display page

Horse (Equestrian) Pendants display page

Calvin Begay Pendants display page

Hopi/Zuni/Kewa Pendants display page

Case 1 Pendants
Case 1A Pendants
Case 1B Rick Tolino Pendants
Case 1C Pendants

Case 7 Pendants
Case 7A Pendants
Case 7B Mimbres-style Pendants
Case 7C Earl Plummer Pendants
Case 14 Pendants
Case 14A Pendants
Case 16 Pendants
Case 28A Pendants

All Pins and Pin-Pendants Display page

Rings page

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Tips for buying Native American Indian jewelry:
1) Never buy American Indian jewelry that you don't love and will not want to wear forever. Nothing is more depressing than living with jewelry that was purchased solely for investment gain that seldom materializes.

2) Shop around, but don't be swayed by price alone. An apparent bargain doesn't necessarily mean a good value. Make sure your seller offers authentic Native American Indian-made jewelry and not foreign imitations. Don't trust "Southwest-style jewelry" to be real Native American. Members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) are committed to the IACA authenticity and integrity codes. Other sellers may offer cheap rip-offs.

3) If you don't trust your dealer and its guarantees, don't buy. There are many reputable dealers to choose from. A good dealer in Native American Indian goods will allow you to return anything you are unhappy with in a reasonable period either for cash or credit. Ask your dealer what its policy is.

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